Netflix’s “Death Note” Director Wants to Create Sequels

Adam Wingard, director of the American Death Note movie, told The Hollywood Reporter that he hopes to direct at least one sequel. Wingard commented, “I pitched it as at least a two-film series, maybe three, knowing this was the origin story. We definitely designed the film so it plays a closed loop. Sequels are never guaranteed.”

Death Note

Wingard also made comments in regards to Light and his girlfriend Mia. One of the most common complaints about the movie is that Light Turner acts nothing like Light Yagami from the anime. According to Wingard, “Ultimately, what we did was, the original Light character from the source material is in this film. What happened is it’s kind of been split into the two characters. Light and Mia, in this case, make up the whole character.”

Death Note
Turner and Mia are Light Yagami’s character split in two.

Death Note began streaming on Netflix on August 25th, with it receiving mixed to negative reviews from critics and fans.

Death Note Death Note Death Note

Common complaints about the film include bad characterization, unintentional humor, poor pacing, and missing the point of the original’s story. However, people have praised the look of the film and Willem Dafoe’s Ryuk.

Despite reviews, Wingard notes that Netflix will approve a sequel if enough people watch the movie. So, there is always a chance that he can tell his full version of Death Note regardless of the review scores.

And hey, at least Death Note gave us this scene:

“My name’s Light Turner, and I’m a criminal mastermind.”

Have you got a chance to watch Wingard’s “tragic teenage romance” take on Death Note?

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