Miyazaki’s “Final” Film to Enter Production in October

Hayao Miyazaki is gearing up for the production of his “final” feature-length film.Hayao Miyazaki

Studio Ghibli shared a job recruitment notice for in-between animators and background artists to work on Miyazaki’s film. A majority of the films key animators worked on Spirited Away, which is Miyazaki’s most acclaimed film. The studio emphasized that this is Miyazaki’s final film due to his age – he turned 76 this past January.

Studio Ghibli is not restricting applicants by country of origin or past experience, with the only real requirement being proficient enough in Japanese. Miyazaki’s film is listed for a three-year production period, but they note that production time is subject to change.

Miyazaki has stated in the past that he wants to have the film finished by 2019, but Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki has stated that would be impossible since only 20 minutes worth of storyboards has been drawn.Hayao Miyazaki

With Miyazaki finished with his Kemushi no Boro CGI short, he is ready to plunge into his final big project. In an upcoming documentary, Miyazaki has alluded to how working on movies gives his life meaning and that he is worried if he will be able to finish the project before dying. Producer Suzuki has voiced the same concerns during a TV special, with another staff member joking that the movie would be a huge hit if Miyazaki dies during production.

Are you excited to know that Miyazaki’s “final” movie is in production?

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