Misty and Brock Will Guest Star on “Pokemon S&M” Anime

Old-school fans of Pokemon have something to look forward to since it’s been revealed that Misty and Brock will appear in Pokemon Sun & Moon!

It’s being teased that Ash is returning to the Kanto Region for a school project, which will lead to him reunited with Misty and Brock for two episodes. To hype up the event, it’s also been revealed that Brock will have Mega Steelix and Misty will have a Mega Gyarados.

Ash has had many traveling companions throughout the Pokemon anime, but fans seem to have a soft spot for Misty and Brock. Either character hasn’t had a cameo or a flashback appearance since the start of Pokemon X&Y in 2013. Both characters were also scrubbed from the Pokemon: I Choose You retelling movie.

It will be a short-lived reunion since the original trio will only be together for the two episodes, which air on September 14th and 21st.


Are you excited to see Ash’s mini-reunion with Misty and Brock?

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