Members of China’s Hot New Boy Band are Actually Girls

The pop music industry is crazy competitive and record labels try all kinds of gimmicks to get fans interested, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment. One newer common tactic is put together a group of beautiful looking people and give them a “hobby” that connects the to fans.

Chinese entertainment group Zhejiang Huati Culture Communication Co. Ltd debuted a new boy band called FFC-Acrush and they have two unique gimmicks to go along with their music: they will use soccer in their stage performances and they are actually girls.

Acrush is looking to fill in a new niche that is hot in China, which is “boyish girls.” In recent years, Chinese women have been adopting men’s fashion, which is has been accredited to pop-idol Li Yuchun. She debuted her androgynous style in 2005 and has become a fashion icon as well as a celebrated singer.

However, most record companies have had trouble putting together an androgynous group due to marketing difficulties. Just how do you present an androgynous group? According to their agent, the group will be introduced at concerts using the gender-free word meishaonian (handsome youths.) This hasn’t stopped their legion of female fans calling them “husbands,” which is a fan term for a favorite male idol.

Despite not having released their first music video, the group already have over 880,000 followers on Weibo, which is China’s equivalent to Twitter.

We’ll have to wait to see how their musical reception is, but they already are winning the social media game due to their unique gimmicks.

Majored in Music @Duke, but realized that being a Jazz singer wasn't a real job. Now I spend my days watching anime and writing about the music industry. Glad to be in the new round of GB hires. Look forward to my coverage.
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