Last year, McDonald’s teamed up with Studio Colorado and Team 8 of AKB48 to create a sentimental anime short as part of a recruitment program. The trio has come together again to create a sequel short to show the career progression of part-timer Ikumi and her manager Sumire.

AKB48 general manager Yui Yokoyama reprised her role as Sumire and Team 8 member Rin Okabe reprised her role as Ikumi. Studio Colorado, who is known for their indie work, provided the animation for the two-minute short.

Last year’s anime short.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Yokoyama talked about how her first job at McDonald’s was important in developing early skills idols, saying, “It might be a bit of an exaggeration, but my starting point was McDo. Using teamwork to do your best. Greeting and courtesy are important in your career. I learned it all at McDo, and it’s connected to my current duties as general manager of AKB48.”

Corporate recruitment or not, the anime short is really cute and oozes sentimentality.

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