Mayu Tomita Makes First Public Appearance Since Her Stabbing

Mayu Tomita made her first public appearance since being stabbed 34 times on May 21, 2016.

Japanese idol Mayu Tomita has made her first public appearance since being stabbed 34 times by Iwazaki Tomohiro. She appeared in court to give a statement against her attacker, stating “I want my former body with no injuries back!”

Mayu Tomita

Tomita went on to say, “I clearly remember the incident. I can never forget this kind of tragedy.” Tomohiro ambushed Tomita in her dressing room before a concert, and proceeded to stab her over 34 times in the neck and chest.

According to Tomita’s doctors, she has difficulty speaking, eating, shows signs of PTSD, and has vision problems as a result of the attack. Tomita wept while giving her statement, saying that her idol career was stolen from her and she can no longer attend college because she fears others may try to kill her.

Tomita continued to speak about Tomohiro, saying “While I am stating my opinion and laughing inside my heart, my reflections are not the same. I think that my attacker hates me. He will try to come and kill me this time. I can’t sleep at night properly as he regularly appears in my dreams, trying to kill me. I genuinely believe that he is the type of person who will kill anyone.”

Mayu Tomita

Tomohiro interrupted Tomita’s statement, shouting “Well, kill me then!” and was immediately removed from the courtroom.

Tomita ended her statment, saying “Please deliver a harsh judgement to him as I don’t want a similar attack to happen again. I don’t want another person to suffer. I can never forgive him for what he did to me as deep scars remain on my body as well as in my heart.

Judges won’t make their final decision until February 28, 2017. Tomohiro is facing a 17 or more year prison sentence.

Tomohiro was arrested for attempting to murder Tomita on May 21, 2016. He confessed to the crime to police, saying that he wanted to kill Tomita after her agency sent back a gift he sent her. When “she didn’t answer clearly,” he proceeded to attack her.

SOURCEArama Japan
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