Mangaka Blows People’s Minds by Drawing Manga on a Phone

Mobile devices have made it easier for people to tap into their creative sides. From web novels to web comics, there is no shortage of amazing digital content. However, one mangaka is currently blowing the minds of Japanese fans.

Anata ga Koi to Iu no nara

So Atsumori is a 20-year-old mangaka and he is getting attention for creating Anata ga Koi to lu no nara. The rom-com manga was an honorable mention in Weekly Shonen Jump‘s “Kentaro Yabuki Manga Prize” contest in 2016. However, the short manga recently got published on the Shonen Jump Rookie website because an editor learned that Atsumori drew the story on his mobile phone.

At first, editor Yuuta Momiyama wasn’t too impressed since plenty of manga have been created on a table and stylus. It wasn’t until Momiyama learned that Atsumori used only his fingers that he became impressed.

Anata ga Koi to Iu no nara

In an interview with ITmedia News, Atsumori stated he’s never read much manga as a child. Atsumori recalls that he got interested in drawing manga due to the Bakuman anime adaptation as a junior high student.

Atsumori didn’t start drawing until high school, and he began by drawing on paper with a pencil. However, he said that a friend in the art club introduced him to the ibisPaint app for his phone. “There were also kids using pens, but a lot of kids were drawing with their fingers,” he reminisces.

Atsumori said his mom bought his a Wacom Intuos pen tablet so he can draw on the computer, but he never really used it due to his family always using the computer. Instead, he continued to hone his craft using pencil and paper.

Anata ga Koi to Iu no nara

It wasn’t until he started attending prep school that focused on drawing on his tablet. Atsumori revealed that hated studying and failed his college entrance exams, so he decided to focus on improving his art skills in hopes of entering manga contests.

Atsumori spent two-months drawing the 28-page chapter of Anata ga Koi to lu no nara. He would sometimes spend three to four hours drawing a single panel, since creating straight lines is difficult on a phone.

After working on Anata ga Koi to lu no nara, Atsumori relayed that he no longer draws on a phone. Instead, he uses a laptop, tablet, and CLIP STUDIO PAINT: a more standard setup. Atsumori says he’s grateful for the increased production speed.

Anata ga Koi to Iu no nara

You can read Atsumori’s and other novice manga on the Shonen Jump Rookie portal, provided you can read in Japanese.

SOURCEITmedia News
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