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Best of Everything in 2016

2016. It's been a year.


Even though 2016 was full of craziness, there are still some high points that are worth celebrating. We've pulled together some of the top articles that share the best of 2016 and we'll keep adding new favorites until January 7th.


Japanese Fans Pick the Best Anime Series of 2016

Japanese fans (and a lot of Japanese women) hopped on this poll and shared surprising results. Remember 2016 as the year when Idols ruled, sports were taken seriously, and Osomatsu-san got an insane amount of love. 


Here are the 15 Best Selling Anime of 2016

Do you like second seasons? Because this is basically all the shows that made enough money to earn another season and likely will inspire multiple copies. Moe and action rank on the charts and did we mention that idols ruled 2016?


Best Anime Everything of 2016 Chosen by Top Anime Youtubers

Remember when Porter Robinson released an anime short, films dominated the box office, and when Hunter x Hunter (briefly) returned? Akidearest, Gigguk, Lost Pause, and the Anime Man talk the highs of 2016 in anime and the community.


Best Cosplay Everything of 2016 with Top Cosplayers

Let 2016 be known as the year of BOOTY! Cosplayers embraced adventure with Pokemon Go, a strong convention circuit, and Overwatch was everywhere both online and offline.


Best Vocaloid Everything of 2016 with Community Leaders

This community of indie singers, tuners, songwriters, and creators took big strides in 2016 that is paving the way for a stronger creative future. There were breakout successes like Reol, holographic concerts, and Scarlett Johansson featured with Miku in a commercial.


Best Memes of 2016 Chosen by Anime Memelords

No one will ever forget the endless memes filled with Spongegar that spread across the community like fire. Characters from Re:Zero, Love Live Sunshine, and all the trash anime got a second life and gained new fans as fans repurposed the best screenshots each season.


Anime Music of 2016 You Will Never Forget

Leave behind the struggle but always remember the music. 2016 gave birth to so many new openings and endings that got you through the year. Turn these top tunes into a 2016 mixtape and explore some of the hidden musical gems shared in the comments.


Share in the comments what you loved/hated about 2016!

All the best things at your fingertips! We help collect all the things that matter to you in one place and encourage exploring new things. We choose new collections based off what people ask for so feel free to shout it out online or in the comments.

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