GoBoiano - 16 Drifters Fanart That'll Get Your Blood Boiling
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16 Drifters Fanart That'll Get Your Blood Boiling

Drifters was a bright spot in the Fall 2016 season.

Contrasting brightly with the soothing, moe shows of the season, Drifters hit fans with a shot of adrenaline. Fans were met with ultra-violence, dark humor, and incredible cinematography reminiscent of Hellsing Ultimate (not surprising consider the mangaka, Kouta Hirano, created both series).

Artists across the fandom were sparked with inspiration to interpret Drifters in their own style and pay homage to this killer show. You can explore each artist through the links in on their names.


1. めか


2. 秋空


3. 真青


4. 藤原りゆ※2日目東ニ33b


5. Meroz ART


6. ShadowLuhi


7. ゑびら


8. ヨシ


9. めか


10. al 


11. いちい 


12. 焚火@-@メガネ


13. 前田 


14. 真青


15. ゑびら 


16. めか


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