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Here are the 8 Video Game and VN Adaptations of Winter 2017

Video games and visual novels are becoming a popular source for anime, and the Winter 2017 season has no shortage of them! Below, you'll find the new game and visual novel adaptations for the upcoming season.


1. Akiba's Trip: The Animation

Akiba's Trip: The Animation

Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Ecchi / Supernatural

Studio: Gonzo

Premier: January 4

Quick Pitch: Akihabara has been invaded by creatures called Synthisters. These fiends feed on social energy of people visiting Akihabara and sapping people's will to live. The only way to defeat a Sunthister is to strip them so the sun can reach their skin.


2. Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari

Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari

Genre: Adventure / Fantasy

Studio: Graphinica / Telecom Animation

Premier: January 8

Quick Pitch: Yggdra is home to humans, ogres, fairies, and other mystical beings. They have lived in peace under the banner of the Holy King, but chaos spreads after the Black Army appears and starts conquering the land. The TV anime has the same content as the anime movie trilogy.


3. Fate/Grand Order: First Order

Fate/Grand Order: First Order

Genre: Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Studio: Lay-duce

Premier: January 1

Quick Pitch: A feature length TV special based on the hit Fate/Grand Order mobile game. The anime will feature an original story, which focuses on the Chaldea Security Organization trying to prevent the Holy Grail War from occurring in 2004.


4. Granblue Fantasy the Animation

Granblue Fantasy the Animation

Genre: Adventure / Fantasy

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Premier: TBA

Quick Pitch: On the island of Zank Tinzel lives a boy named Gran and his missing father's dragon Vyrn. They meet a girl named Lyria, who is fleeing from the powerful Eleste Empire. Gran decides to help Lyria flee from the empire.


5. Kemono Friends

Kemono Friends

Genre: Adventure / Comedy

Studio: Yaoyorozu

Premier: January 11

Quick Pitch: Japari Park is a zoo that is home to human-like animals called Animal Girls. During a visit, a child gets lost and wanders around the park looking for their way home. The Animal Girls all try to help the child get home safely.


6. School Girl Strikers: Animation Channel

School Girl Strikers: Animation Channel

Genre: Action

Studio: J.C. Staff

Premier: January 6

Quick Pitch: Goryōkan Academy is a popular all-girls high school, but is has a secret. A team of five trained students make up Fifth Force, which is a special unit that protects the world from enemies called Oburi.


7. Idol Jihen

Idol Jihen

Genre: Music

Studio: MAPPA / Studio VOLN

Premier: January 8

Quick Pitch: The world of politics is filled with corruption and bureaucracy. Income divide, climate change, and healthcare issues are all symptoms of this corruption...and only political parties made up of idols can fix it!


8. ​ChäoS;Child


Genre: Harem / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Supernatural

Studio: Silver Link

Premier: January 11

Quick Pitch: The story follows six high school students who survived an earthquake that nearly destroyed Shibuya six years ago. Strange events and murders have been occurring on the anniversary of the earthquake, prompting the public to label the events as the "Return of the New Generation of Madness."


Are you planning on watching any game adaptations?


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