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Here are the 9 Original Anime for the Winter 2017 Season

Every new season brings a collection of original anime projects. These anime are not an adaptation of sorts, and rely completely on the staff to create a new story. Here are the originals for the Winter 2017 season.

1. Hand Shakers

Hand Shakers

Genre: Action

Studio: GoHands

Premier: January 11

Quick Pitch: Hand Shakers are partners who can summon Nimrodes, which are weapons born from the psyche of the partners. Hand Shakers compete and fight with other Hand Shakers in order to have their wish granted. The top pair will also have a chance to challenge God.


2. Kirakira Precure À La Mode

Kirakira Precure À La Mode

Genre: Magical Girl

Studio: Toei Animation

Premier: February 5

Quick Pitch: The newest entry into the Precure! franchise. The tag line is "Make food! Eat! Fight!"


3. Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia

Genre: Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Magic

Studio: Studio Trigger

Premier: January 8

Quick Pitch: Akko enrolls in the Luna Nova Academy in order to train as a witch. When not in class, Akko and her friends Sucy and Lotte get wrapped up in dramatic events and face off against rival students.


4. One Room

One Room

Genre: Slice of Life

Studio: Typhoon Graphics

Premier: TBD

Quick Pitch: A short format series that focuses on, "three stories fostered in your room."


5. Seiren


Genre: Romance

Studio: AXsiZ / Studio Gokumi

Premier: January 6

Quick Pitch: An omnibus style series that will comprise of independent three story arcs containing four episodes. Shōichi is a second year high school student and is anxious about growing up. During the summer, he meets a girl and forms a relationship. Each of the three arcs will focus on a different "main girl."


6. Sentai Heroes Sukiyaki Force: Gunma no Heiwa o Negau Season

Sentai Heroes Sukiyaki Force: Gunma no Heiwa o Negau Season

Genre: Comedy

Studio: Studio 4ºC

Premier: January 9

Quick Pitch: The short format comedy focuses on a team of sukiyaki ingredients that fight to protect Gunma prefecture.


7. BanG Dream

BanG Dream

Genre: Music

Studio: Issen / Xebec

Premier: January 21

Quick Pitch: The original anime entry into a multi-media project. Kasumi comes across a star-shaped guitar in a pawnshop. Feeling a magical rush, she gathers four other girls to form a band.


8. Marginal#4 Kiss Kara Tsukuru Big Bang

Marginal#4 Kiss Kara Tsukuru Big Bang

Genre: Music

Studio: J.C. Staff

Premier: TBD

Quick Pitch: The original anime entry into a multi-media project. Marginal#4 is an idol unit composed of normal high school students. The members juggle between daily high school life and their idol activities.


9. Ryuu no Haisha (The Dragon Dentist)

Ryuu no Haisha

Genre: Action / Fantasy

Studio: Studio Khara

Premier: TBD

Quick Pitch: A two-part original anime project that expands on a short shown at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2014. Nonoko is a dentist who is tasked with protecting her country's guardian dragon from tooth-cavities. One day, she finds an enemy soldier that has been resurrected from the inside of the dragon's tooth, which is a sign that a disaster is coming.

Are you planning on watching any original anime during the Winter 2017 season?


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