GoBoiano - Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is Literally This Season's Attack on Titan
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is Literally This Season's Attack on Titan

You would be forgiven if you mistaken Kabaneri for Attack on Titan

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Afterall, the original series is adapted by the same team behind the Attack on Titan anime. Seriously, the same animation studio, same director, and music composer. 


But comparison's aside, Kabaneri does differentiate itself with its feudal steampunk meets zombie apocalypse setting. 

The series that takes place in a world where humans live in fortified fortresses that protect them from zombie-like creatures called "Kabane."

Kabaneri's art style teleports you back to the 80s, which is no surprise seeing as the legendary Haruhiko Mikimoto is behind the character design. Mostly active during the 1980s, Mikimoto was known as one of the top designers of his time bringing us influential characters like Lynn Minmay, the first ever anime idol, way before K-On!, Hatsune Miku, and Love Live!

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Overall, there is a lot of potential here and while you can draw a lot of comparisons to Attack on Titan, the anime diffrentiates enough to stand on its own. 


Let's just hope we don't get another Guilty Crown.

All Star Team = Failed Execution. 

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