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The Top 10 Vocaloid Utaite You Just Have To Hear

If you’re already acquainted with the vocal synthesizers we call Vocaloid, then you should also be familiar with the creative and collaborative community surrounding it. Don’t worry, all these big terms really just mean that the fandom does a lot cool music stuff!

Included in that stuff is the ever increasing number of “utaite,” aka human singers who cover Vocaloid songs and post them to the web. There are tons nowadays, some even producing albums, doing concerts, or going pro. But for now, let’s just focus on the ones you have to hear...


1. Kashitarou Ito

Gifted with a strong yet gentle voice, his skill in control is laudable. For all the care and emotions he puts into his covers, you will want him as a husband. I guarantee it.

YouTube Channel

NND channel

2. Kradness

As if he came straight from an anime, his voice is so elastic and unique with an insane range to top it off. No really, wait for those notes. He’s down-right crazy town.

Youtube channel

NND channel

3. Soraru

A long-reigning king with a charming voice to say the least. He’s so warm you might need to intensely fan yourself. For many reasons.

NND channel


4. Lon

She is Soraru’s queen and collaboration partner who can more than stand on her own two feet. Her voice is sweet but packs a punch, so move aside boys.

NND channel

5. Reol

She is a perfect complement to her collaboration partner Kradness, but dont get me wrong, she's a star on her own! Like a cute monster, her dynamic range raises the bar yet again

Youtube channel

NND channel

6. Rib

Another utaite royalty with the chords to prove it; his voice quality can switch from cool and kind to offering strong belt in a second. I would take him as my second husband.



Youtube channel

NND channel

7. un:c

Possessing a very unique voice and character who always sounds like he truly enjoys what he’s doing, un:c has a powerhouse range and a rock-like quality that would make any fangirl cry and throw her underwear.

Youtube channel

NND channel

8. Amatsuki

Amatsuki is a champion of the “anime protagonist” voice with his creamy mid-range goodness. Plus, he can go dark, sweet, and anything in between if you know what I mean. Eyebrows intensify.

Youtube channel

NND channel

9. Mafumafu

Contrary to first impressions, no, this is not a girl. And yes, it’s completely unfair that he can sing like this. Anyway, his voice is absolutely sparkling and emotive in his covers. Bless this child.

NND channel

10. Hanatan

A star in the community for her vocal strength and the overall beauty she hides in those precious, precious chords — if you want a leading lady, look no further. She will steal your heart.



YouTube channel

NND channel



Bonus Time!

(Via @soraruru)

Soraru posing majestically at the Louvre Museum.

He is a rare species. We must protect him.


Image Sources: 

Thumbnail Image via ヤシ's Pixiv

Slide and Banner Image via さいね Pixiv


If you want to know more, check out the wiki below:

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