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9 Dubstep And Electronic AMVs That Kick Serious Ass

AMVs require a creative mind, attention to detail, and a lot of time to produce. For the most part, successful AMV editing comes down to matching the tempo and beat of the music to your video clips. Dubstep and electronic music are some of the more challenging audio choices to properly match to video due to the intense and ever-changing rhythms and beats that deliver high energy and rapid tempo shifts. Anyone can throw random video clips together with a mainstream dubstep song, but the result always comes out as poor and detached.  

Here are nine AMVs that wonderfully incorporate the intense beats of dubstep as well as an electro pop vibe.


1. "A Piece Of Toast" - Baka Oppai

With 34 awards from various contests this past year, A Piece Of Toast is easily one of the most creative AMVs yet, featuring clips from 40 different anime. The music used (Pizza Rolls by Shawn Wasabi) is also a combination of over 40 audio tracks that have somehow given birth to this masterpiece of a mix. This AMV is a prime example of art created through various audio and visual clips combined in a mashup tornado of awesomeness.


2. "HeartShift: Phase 1" - Overture

HeartShift: Phase 1 creates an intense mini narrative of emotions where the characters show a buildup of personal struggles. As the AMV reaches the half way point, all of the pent up tension is released in a flurry of all-or-nothing action.


3. "Quantum Ripples" - Nostromo

Nostromo is one of the more popular names in the AMV scene for his incredible editing skills. Quantum Ripples is an excellent example of AMV editing that delivers a visual treat fueled by high energy beats and numerous special effects. His choice of footage flawlessly matches the tempo of the music.


4. "Orion" - S.A. Robert

S.A. Robert manages to deliver an energetic re-telling of Nisemonogatari with an electronic beat that captures the highlights of the show. 


5. "Noize" - Impr3ssiv

Noize is an AMV that is almost entirely composed of special effects overlaying various clips from shows like Evangelion and Ghost in the Shell. The AMV features a futuristic theme of machines and technology. While there isn't a direct story being told here, the immense editing and obscured visuals keep our eyes glued to the screen at all times for what can only be described as humanity's future of technological advancement.


6. "Wub Proyect" - TensaZangetsx

The problem with some dubstep tracks is that they can get repetitive and annoying very quickly. TensaZangetsx decided to take three separate tracks and splice together a short mix that sounds like an evolving piece. The anime clips fully embrace the tempo and are edited accordingly to follow the dynamic pace of each audio track while taking advantage of the longer notes with slow motion moments. A sharp eye will be able to see the amount of detailed editing involved that makes this AMV's assortment of lightning quick shots resonate incredibly well with each audio composition. 


7. "Into The Labyrinth" - Lolligerjoj

With millions of views on YouTube, it's not hard to see why Into The Labyrinth stands out from the numerous Monogatari AMVs out there. This AMV is all about motion. The abrupt changes between slow motion and fast motion, as well as a remix of backwards and forwards movement of the characters are perfectly matched to the music. The slow motion action shows off the insane amount of detail that SHAFT puts into some of their animation productions.


8. "Shades of" - Leberate

While the audio track contains a beautiful assortment of piano scores and vocals for the beginning and end, a good chunk of this dubstep remix would normally sound rather repetitive. Remarkably, Leberate is able to provide a wide variety of different edits with anime clips which keeps each electronic beat fresh and unique. Instead of dreading the next iteration of a dubstep pattern, curiosity and amazement will have you eagerly waiting to see what kind of visual assortment will match the next beat.  


9. "Exordium" - r3act Team SesSions

The beginning of Exordium showcases a narrative of regret, loss, and memory. This is nicely tied to a softer and emotional audio track before exploding into action-packed flurry of anime clips. The editing and visual effects excellently bind the audio and visuals together into a single experience.

With so many different videos out there, which dubstep and electronic AMVs do you love?


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