GoBoiano - 14 Anime Rooms That Just Might Be Heaven
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14 Anime Rooms That Just Might Be Heaven

These people have all surpassed a mere bookshelf's worth of random toys and books, and have ascended to a higher plane known as "Our Jealousy."


1. Clean and bright; waifus are watching

Via Nyotaku


2. Wall of manga

Via Tumblr


3. Those glass cases are awfully pretty

Via Figure.Fm


4. Rustic and homey; still awesome

Via DeviantArt


5. Figures invade

Via AsianBeat


6. Super Sonico is watching you sleep

Via Otakute.fr


7. The "Bishoujo Wall"

Via TemplaWorld


8. Angel space

Via Figure.FM


9. Living the anime life

Via DannyChoo


10. Wow, he could watch three shows at once!

Via Flickr


11. And so could he!

Via Pinterest


12. Ultra organized

Via Figure.FM


13. Personal slice of heaven

Via Tumblr


14. The Shrine

Via TheAnimeReality



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