‘Kimi ni Todoke’ Manga Enters It’s Final Arc in September

Kimi ni Todoke is officially entering its final arc.

Kimi ni Todoke

Last month, Shueisha’s announced that the August issue of Bessatsu Margaret would include the first chapter of the final arc. However, mangaka Karuho Shiina took a hiatus due to a sudden illness, but thankfully she has made a speedy recovery. The chapter will now be published in the September issue of Bessatsu Margaret.

Shiina’s long-running romantic comedy has been serialized since 2006. Sawako Kuronuma has a problem – she has been nicknamed Sadako because of her long black hair and pale skin. This makes classmates believe that Sawako is a malicious girl, but she’s actually really timid. Sawako longs to make friends and idolizes a popular boy named Shota Kazeaya, and her life begins to change once they start to talk. Sawako suddenly finds herself growing in confidence and she can’t thank Shota enough…but her feelings begin to blossom in love.

Kimi ni Todoke

The rom-com series has been a huge among manga readers. As of 2012, over 20 million copies were in print, making it one of the most read shoujo manga of all time.

Production I.G. has adapted Kimi ni Todoke in a 38-episode that ran between October 2009 to March 2011. A live-action movie has also been produced.

Kimi ni Todoke

Are you ready for Kimi ni Todoke‘s final arc?

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