‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ Couple are 17 and in Love in New Ad

Studio Ghibli’s 1989 film Kiki’s Delivery Service was produced, directed and adapted by Hayao Miyazaki from a 1985 novel of the same name. Miyazaki wanted the film to share solidarity with “the young girls living in today’s world who do not deny the joy of youth, nor are carried away by it, torn between freedom and dependence.”


The final Kiki’s Delivery Service scene was iconic and put a beautiful cap on the masterful film that earned over $18 million in its box office. But the story has now gotten a continuation of sorts due to a Cup Noodle ad that shows the starring couple at the age of 17 in modern Japan.


We get a clear vision of the 3 leading rolesin KiKi’s Delivery Service in the new short. Kiki is voiced by the young voice actress Minami Hamabe and Tombo is voiced by Yuuki Kaji (Eren in Attack on Titan, Alibaba in Magi)



Jiji the Cat


To put this 30-second ad short together to promote Cup Noodle, Nissin Foods hired manga artist Eisaku Kubonouchi (Chocolat, Cherry, Pikamon) who has a fluid style that emphasizes mosaic-like scenes and shimmering highlights on characters.

They also took on the popular BUMP OF CHICKEN to create the theme song “Kinen Satsuei” for the campaign. Both BUMP OF CHICKEN and Eisaku Kubonouchi were featured in another Cup Noodle ad.


It’s interesting to see a company commissioning anime shorts as an advertising technique. Nissin Foods may be hoping to see similar success to their Final Fantasy XV video game integration that has sparked countless memes and is a must-have prop for cosplayers.


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