Kemono Friends is Now the Most Watch Anime on Nico Nico Douga

The first episode of Kemono Friends is officially the most watched anime on Nico Nico Douga, which is Japan’s largest video streaming service. “Savanna Area” has been viewed 9,392,504 times since its January 13, 2017 debut.

Kemono Friends

Nico Nico Douga’s most viewed anime are:

  1. Kemono Friends episode 1 – 9,392,504 views.
  2. Is the Orders a Rabbit? episode 1 – 9,337,081 views.
  3. Attack on Titan episode 1 – 3,284,425 views.
  4. School-Live! episode 1 – 3,265,640 views.
  5. Osomatsu-san episode 2 – 2,321,236 views.

Kemono Friends

Kemono Friends first made gained attention for its low budget CGI art style, with Japanese social media writing off the series as a kids’ show. However, the anime became a viral sensation after the third episode due to its innocent cast, creative character designs, and mysteriously dark background cues.

Kemono Friends began as a mobile game with characters created by Mine Yoshizaki, who is known for creating Sgt. Frog. The anime was produced by Yaoyorozu and centers around a young girl named Kaban. She wakes up in Japari Park, which is home to animal-girls called Friends. Kaban has no memories of how she got to Japari Park, but with the help of Serval, she sets out on an adventure to find her way home.

Kemono Friends

A second anime season has been green-lit, but director Tatsuki has said that anime is “a ways off” as they focus on other Kemono Friends projects.

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