Keijo Creator Talks About Why His Manga Ended

There has been a lot of buzz centering around Daichi Sorayomi ending his Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series. Most manga will end without too much controversy, but Keijo!!!!!!!! found itself in the middle of rumors from the international and Japanese communities as fans tried to guess why the series was ending.


Sorayomi wrote a new blog entry as a way to provide closure to fans and to put an end to the rumors. He largely responded to rumors circulating the Japanese community, especially the now infamous Yaraon post, which falsely said that Keijo!!!!!!!! was canceled because of the anime.

Shogakukan, who is Sorayomi’s publisher, told him to end the series by the time the anime ends. Sorayomi said he was given this request before the anime began airing and he was given a 6 month period to wrap up his story.

Sorayomi was also confused by Japanese sites reporting that 715 copies of volume 1 of the anime were sold. He contacted Xebec, the studio that animated the series, and they said the numbers were closer to 7,000. The smaller number was previously tracked by Oricon, which is seen as an authority on anime, music, and movie sales numbers.


The most damning thing is that Sorayomi talks about Shogakukan’s lack of support despite his hard work on the series. Sorayomi kept putting in requests for assistants for almost a year and a half, but the publisher couldn’t recruit any for him. While most manga will have a mangaka and several assistants (who help with lettering, background art, or inking), Keijo!!!!!!!! was just Sorayomi and one other assistant. He commented how there were times that it was just him working on the weekly series and that he passed out for an hour at one point.

Even more frustrating was the lack of sponsors. Sorayomi recalled that his editor commented, “If we had one more sponsor, the anime could have been broadcasted on West Japan too.” Sorayomi noted that Shogakukan was not a sponsor of the anime. To make matters worse, Keijo!!!!!!!! was always placed towards the end of Weekly Shonen Sunday while the anime was airing. Usually, a manga places towards the end of a magazine to signify it’s unpopularity and lack of faith with the publisher.


Sorayomi did end on a slightly cheery note, saying that he is planning on adding a few extra stories for the 16th, 17th, and 18th volumes of Keijo!!!!!!!!

You can read the full translation of Sorayomi’s blog post on Ruggia’s Manga Rants, which has been confirmed to be a true translation.

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