Kakifly is Launching a New ‘K-On!’ Manga this July

Kakifly’s K-On! is one of the most important series of the modern age and you can see its influence everywhere. K-On!, especially KyoAni’s adaptation, is responsible for making moe, “cute girls doing cute things,” the five-girl ensemble, and school club stories popular. And now, Kakifly will attempt to strike gold again.


Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kara revealed that Kakifly is launching a new K-On! series on July 9. K-On! Shuffle will follow a new musical movement and its lead character will be a drummer.

Kakifly hasn’t done much since ending K-On! in 2012. In fact, he attempted to write a series focusing on the main girls in college and a separate series about Azusa’s time in high school, but they were duds. Hopefully, this third attempt will find more success.

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