Junji Ito’s Iconic Horror Gets an Anime Adaption this Winter

More details have been revealed for the upcoming anime anthology based on Junji Ito’s horror manga.

Junji Ito
Characters from left to right: Fuchi (‘Fashion Model’), Tohru Oshikiri (‘Oshikiri Idan’), Tomie (‘Tomie’ series), Soichi (‘Soichi’ series), Handsome Man at the Crossroads (‘Shibito no Koiwazurai’), and Yuki (‘Slug Girl’).

The anthology will adapt stories from Ito Junji Kessaku-shu (Junji Ito Masterpiece Collection) and Fragments of Horror. However, the staff will not reveal which stories will be adapted so that viewers will be surprised. Director Shinobu Tagashira (Diabolik Lovers) mentioned that the characters in the above key visual may not appear in the anime.

Junji Ito “Collection” will be the second anime based on Ito’s work. Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack premiered in 2012 and was met with middling reception. However, many of Ito’s works have been adapted into live-action movies in Japan.

Ito Junji Manga

Ito is one of the most respected horror storytellers, with many of his works centering around the macabre, psychological twists, claustrophobia, and inner-beauty. People with weak stomachs may have a hard time exploring his works, but his stories included themes other than shock-value.

Junji Ito” Collection” is being produced by Studio Deen and will debut on January 7, 2018.

if you’ve never encountered Juni’s works, here’s 15 of his must-read manga!

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