Japanese Teacher Draws Anime as Graduation Gift for Students

From My Neighbor Totoro to The Little Mermaid, he has drawn a variety of scenes for his graduating classes.

Twitter and Instagram user Hirotaka Hamasaki is a Japanese schoolteacher from Nara, Japan. He has a cool tradition in which he draws an anime scene on a chalkboard as a way to celebrate his graduating students.

This past school year, he sent his class off with a drawing of Kiki’s Delivery Service!


And last year he drew My Neighbor Totoro for his class.

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Hamasaki has even used The Little Mermaid and Little Twin Stars to congratulate classes on graduating.


While not a graduation gift, Hamasaki helped his class out during a culture festival by drawing the iconic key visual from Your Name.


And to top things off, Hamasaki’s chalk art skills are not only limited to anime.


Hamasaki’s chalk art is such a cool sendoff for his graduating classes. You can follow Hamasaki on Twitter and Instagram to see more amazing chalk art.

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