Japanese High School Boy Shows How Anime Traps Can Be Real

The ability to cross-dress and challenge gender norms has always captivated people. Being able to look good is always an added bonus.

Japanese high school student and Twitter user @GINSYAMU has amassed a large following due to the captivating spell they cast on viewers.

“Coming home with my girlfriend (boyfriend).

Use the tags. #GirlfriendGaze #BoyfriendGaze #WhichIsIt?”


“I’m not a carefree college student yet, all I have to share are swollen-faced tired-eye selfies. Please forgive me.”

@GINSYAMU’s cute looks have been gaining attention within Japanese media, and they had an interview with the pop-culture outlet Kai-You.

In the interview, @GINSYAMU revealed that he is a 15-year-old boy and is attending high school. While he does wear makeup, @GINSYAMU says he has no interest in cross-dressing or cosplaying as any characters.

Sexuality was also brought up, with @GINSYAMU commenting that he doesn’t know what type of person he’s attracted to since he’s never fallen in love before. Either way, he has his family’s support, no matter choice he makes. @GINSYAMU also replied that his family makes full use of his makeup knowledge.

Androgyny rose to popularity in Japanese pop culture during the ’70s, but has been around since medieval times. And who can forget “traps” in anime?

Saika Totsuka - OreGairu
This doesn’t look so far-fetched now.

Traps tend to be male characters that look and act feminine. These characters get a lot of attention within the community for challenging social norms (and for being the cutest ever).

Yep, @GINSYAMU is a real-life bishounen.

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