Interviews With Monster Girls is the Heartwarming Comedy of Winter

If your only experience with monster girls is the sex-comedy Monster Musume, then you are going to be in for a real surprise with Interviews with Monster Girls.

Interviews with Monster Girls

At it's heart, the series is a slice of life comedy about a high school teacher trying to talk to Demi-Humans, which are monster girls. In this world, Demi are the result of genetic mutations as opposed to coming from a fantasy world.


A Colorful and Likeable Cast

The strongest aspect for the first episode of Interviews with Monster Girls is the loveable cast of characters. Interviews with Monster Girls perky cast is a nice break from the cynical stars of salty shows like Masamune-kun's Revenge or the killer loli show Youjo Senki.

We are introduced to five primary players: Tetsuo, a teacher working on a college thesis about monster girls; Hikari, a genki vampire; Sakie, a succubus who tries to hide her sex appeal; Kyouko, a shy dullahan; and Yuki, a snow maiden.

Interviews with Monster GirlsInterviews with Monster GirlsInterviews with Monster Girls


The characters are lowkey adorable in every way – especially Hikari as she tries to explain vampire life to Tetsuo.

Viewers may also appreciate that the girls are not sexualized, unlike in Monster Musume. There are some brief mentions that Hikari is accidently erotic, but it's very tame. Also, Tetsuo is the rare non-perveted/dense/creepy male lead.


Great Comedic Timing 

Interviews with Monster GIrls

The cuts for jokes and punch lines in Interviews with Monster Girls are really top-notch, especially if you are a fan of more subtle humor. 

It's not as wild as Gintama, but Interviews with Monster Girls does a better job than most series with comedic timing. The jokes are usually used to highlight the personality quirks of a Demi or Tetsuo's blunt reaction to something strange.


Delicate Handling of Social Outcasts

Interviews with Monster Girls has a surprising amount of heart for a slice of life about cute monster girls.

The biggest case is how we see Kyouko's classmates react to her dullahan features. Kyouko makes a self-depricating joke, but is disappointed that no one laughs because they think Kyouko would get offended.

There are also other obvious allegories to social integration and treating others with respect. Interviews with Monster Girls doesn't get too preachy, and instead highlights that people just want to be included.


Check it out if You Love Monster Girls and Comedy

Interviews with Monster Girls had one of the best premieres for a slice of life series. The comedy, characters, and art direction are all top notch.

And hey, if you have a thing for monster girls (and who doesn't), you'll have yourself a nice heartwarming party.

Interviews with Monster Girls

Not this time but there's already sexy fanart out there because the doujinshi community is wild.

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