In This Corner of the World Extended Cut Enters Production

The Japanese home video version of the award-winning In This Corner of the World (Kono Sekai no Katsumi ni) movie is set to be released on September 15th. While fans have been clamoring for the discs, it has been getting bombard with bad reviews on Amazon due to a lack of an extended version.

In This Corner of the World

Extended versions of movies are common practice in Hollywood, but it’s incredibly rare for an anime movie to get extended. However, director Sunao Katabuchi originally planned for In This Corner of the World to run for 150 minutes. Due to budget constraints, 30 minutes were cut.

Thanks to the movie’s box office success, producer Taro Maki gave Katabuchi the green-light to release an extended version. Since Katabuchi already had the storyboards drawn, it was only a matter of getting extra funds to hire animators and to bring the voice cast back to the studio.

In This Corner of the World

Fans expecting to watch the extended version of In This Corner of the World have been voicing their displeasure that only the theatrical version is being released. Katabuchi took to Twitter to explain the situation:

“The version being released at this time is not the extended version. We touched up the theatrical version, which has been screened since November 12 of last year.The theatrical length of the film found its place with many audiences and has won many awards. This is one completed version of the film.

“The longer version based on my original storyboard will be produced as a different film from the current one. We have started working on it in August. We focused on brush up work for the theatrical version for over six months until this July. After this, we will improve our work more on the extended version, but it won’t be cheaply produced.

“We want to make it carefully and it requires time. And I have to say this again, even after the extended version is completed, I think the theatrical version will keep having its meaning.”

In This Corner of the World

Creating an extended version of an anime movie is no easy task, and fans will have to be patient until they can get their hands on it. Still, it’s not like the theatrical version is being slapped together. Animation corrections were made, which is standard practice with home video releases on anime.

Are you curious to see what the extra 30 minutes of footage will contain?

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