‘Hunter x Hunter’ Manga to Exit Hiatus on June 26th

The 40+ week hiatus ends in a month!

Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter is returning to Weekly Shonen Jump serialization on June 26th, which is the same date volume 34 is out in Japan.

Hunter x Hunter

Rumors were circulating that Togashi will be returning to serialization, but it has now been confirmed by Weekly Shonen Jump. Last year, Hunter x Hunter returned from an 80-week hiatus and ran for 11 weeks before going back on hiatus due to severe back pain.

Togashi has been suffering from lower back issues, which he has relayed in his author notes in Weekly Shonen Jump. Back injuries of any kind are difficult to recover from, even with the aid of surgery, so we hope Togashi has recovered to the point that he is comfortable drawing Hunter x Hunter.

Hunter x Hunter

Or we can just perpetuate the worn out meme about Togashi’s Dragon Quest addiction. By the way, did you know Dragon Quest IX is coming out on July 29th?

Joking aside, are you excited for Hunter x Hunter‘s return?

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