Horror & Bizarre One-Shot Manga Titles You Need To Know


Collection of short stories with unique horror and odd situations.  These are not your typical horror stories and art styles meant for this surrealistic world we are living in.


1. Toukou Tochuu no Deaigashira no Guuzen Kiss wa Ariuru Jikken

Mangaka:  Shintaro kago

One of the most bizarre manga artist, explore the surreal world of Shintaro Kago’s manga and artwork. The first 19 pages of this manga are in color, with a dose of twisted stories and odd experiments.

2. The Hanging Balloons

Mangaka: Junji Itou


This one shot is part of the Junji Itou Horror Comic Collection, which is an anthology with 16 volumes and different stories. People are committing suicide by hanging themselves and nobody knows the reason. That is until floating heads appear with the faces of people that are about to be hung.


3. Ice Cream Bus


A mysterious ice cream seller gives trips to kids and make them obsessed with his ice cream. Makes you question if there’s something behind the good taste? Who knows, maybe yes. You can never know.

For more odd stories read the complete anthology Horror Comic Collection.

4. Mian Ju – Mask

Mangaka: Sheng Wu Ming


A guy has entered a mysterious shop and buys a mask made of human skin, but it seems this is not your ordinary mask.


5. Phasmatodea

Mangaka: A. Rasen


A web comic with only 8 pages, it is about a girl that develops a phobia of stick insects until they began to invade her daily life.

6. Collapse of the World as We Know it

Mangaka: Dashu Jiang


This is a manhua collection of 100 different short stories. There are a lot of bizarre situations and some comedy, but it doesn’t lose the creepy style.

Just to mention some chapters:

Mermaid: A boy found her sister eating his pet fish. Mad about the event, he curses her by turning her into a fish.

The future: The earth has been destroyed, leaving only two people left. Both of them are men, but mysteriously one of them gets pregnant. The baby kills her father and gives birth to an unknown species similar to an alien.


7. Plastic Girl

Mangaka: Furuya Usamaru

A one-shot story with an atypical art style and angsty situation. But, there is symbolism dealing with topics about loneliness, absent parents, childhood. Read it if you are interested in a deeply psychological and surreal manga.


8. Fuan No Tane Plus

Mangaka: Nakayama Masaaki


A collection of short stories that are 3 or 4 pages in length. They deal with ghosts, superstitions, and odd situations. It is an ongoing manga with 4 volumes.


9. Kouishou Radio

Mangaka: Nakayama Masaaki


From the same mangaka of Fuan no Tane Plus. It’s an ongoing manga with 4 volumes collecting short horror stories dealing with ghost, curses, and monsters.


10. Sadness of the heart

Mangaka:  Nishioka Kyoudai


“This is a collection of one-shots that explore the thoughts and feelings of ordinary people in an odd, surrealistic manner replete with atypical and symbolic illustrations.

More than one reading may be required if you are to completely grasp the core message behind each of these stories” (Manga Updates)


11. Laughing Ball

Mangaka: Hideshi Hino


A one-shot story by Hideshi Hino, one of the main vintage masters of horror manga. Laughing Ball is a cute clown who was born with a smiling face and an ability to make audiences laugh. But, it was his fate to live in the shadows with the circus being his only home among other freaks.

Is the clown the one who has to suffer the most? He has to make you smile even when his soul is broke. A fake smile he hides his own sadness, but If he could talk about his bitterness, even the hardest souls could cry.

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