A new PV began streaming for Grimoire of Zero (Zero kara Hajimeru Mahō no Sho), and it confirms that the series will premiere on April 10.

Grimoire of Zero

Grimoire of Zero is a light novel written by Kakeru Kobashiri and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma. The fantasy series follows a half-beast mercenary who desires to become a full human. He meets a witch named Zero. Though she is ignorant of the world and the persecution witches face, she offers to turn the mercenary into a human if he helps her retrieve a powerful grimoire.

White Fox (Re:Zero) is producing the animation and Tetsuo Hirakawa (Kawa no Hikari director) will be directing Grimoire of Zero as his first TV series. Akito Matsuda (Sound! Euphonium) will be composing the series’ soundtrack.

Are you planning on watching Grimoire of Zero?

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