Grape-kun is Officially Keeping His Waifu Cutout

Fans around the world have been glued to the love story of Grape-kun (a real Humboldt penguin) and Hululu (a Kemono Friends character based on the Humboldt penguin).

Grape-kun has been known to stare at Hululu for hours on end.

Image via Twitter

To recap, the Tobu Zoo collaborated with Kemono Friends for a two-month event to increase zoo attendance. Each animal exhibit had cutouts and window decals based on their respective Kemono Friends character. The collaboration was a success in drawing new visitors, but fans were enthralled with Grape-kun.

Grape-kun is a 20-year-old male Humboldt penguin who showed signs of love towards a cutout of Hululu. Zoo keepers and visitors noticed that Grape-kun would ignore his flock to spend time with Hululu for hours. Many visitors, including Hululu’s voice actress, feared for Grape-kun’s mental health once the Kemono Friends collaboration ended.

Well, zoo keepers were removing all of the Kemono Friends materials from the Tobu Zoo, but a Japanese Twitter user noticed something odd…Grape-kun’s exhibit still had the Hululu cutout!

According to the user, the zoo keepers decided to keep the Hululu cutout indefinitely as a way to keep Grape-kun happy.

This doesn’t mean Grape-kun’s waifu will get replaced after natural degradation or weather damage, but it’s nice to know that Grape-kun and Hululu will be together for a little while longer.

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