Gosick Artist Hinata Takeda Passes Away Due to an Illness

Gosick author Kazuki Sakuraba announced that series illustrator Hinata Takeda has passed away due to an unspecified illness. Kadokawa has reported the same thing in their Dragon Age manga magazine. According to both reports, Takeda passed away in January, but the news wasn’t released until recently out of respect for her family and friends.

Hinata Takeda’s last Gosick illustration was the box art for the 2011 DVD release of the anime.

Takeda is most know for working with Sakuraba on the Gosick and GosickS light novel series. She also created the Yaeka no Karte and Ikoku Meiro no Croisée manga series, with the latter receiving an anime adaptation in 2011.

In Sakuraba’s blog entry, she credited her editor with bringing Takeda’s Yaeka no Karte manga to her attention. Sakuraba mentioned that she wasn’t thrilled when Takeda first submitted art for the first volume of Gosick but admitted it was because Takeda’s art was better than hers. Because of this, Sakuraba remarked that Gosick was written in a way that would only work with Takeda’s illustrations.

Takeda’s drew her last illustration in 2011 for the DVD release of the Gosick anime. Sakuraba said that Takeda’s health is failing at the time, but she was determined to complete the artwork.


Due to Takeda’s health, she managed to illustrate six of the nine volumes of Gosick and three of the nine volumes of GosickS. Sakuraba would switch to a standard novel format for Gosick New Continent, which is currently being published.

Gosick is a mystery series that takes place in the fictional French-speaking country of Sauville. Kazuya Kujo is a foreign student who attends Saint Marguerite Academy, but due to being Japanese, he is shunned due to an urban legend. While visiting the school’s library, Kazuya meets a doll-like girl named Victorique de Blois. Claiming to have a foresight ability, Victorique has a reputation of being able to solve mysteries that even the best detectives can’t solve. The series was adapted into a 24 episode anime in 2011 by Bones.


We wish Hinata Takeda’s family and friends the best during this time.

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