Girlish Number Anime Continues with a Spin-Off Series

Girlish Number lives on with a new anime adaptation of the Girlish Number Shura yonkoma spin-off manga. The announcement was made at the “Girlish Number Kuzu Fes 2017 @ Giroppon☆” event.

Girlish Number

Girlish Number is a multimedia project that is a sarcastic and satirical take on the anime industry, the people who work on anime, and the fans. OreGairu creator Wataru Watari wrote the story with QP:flapper designing the characters and providing illustrations.

The main story follows Chitose Karasuma, a college student and aspiring voice actress who dreams of being pampered by legions of otaku. While she is incredibly confident in her skills, Chitose actually sucks at voice acting and can only get bit roles because of her successful brother.

Girlish Number Shura re-imagines the story using absurd situations and ramping up the comedy, such as Chitose being a mushroom farmer or Yae Kugayama dealing with a killer gorilla.

Girlish Number

A premiere window was not announced at the event. Still, are excited for another take on Girlish Number?

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