“Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light” Will Soon Air In Japan

For a bit of news you didn’t expect – a new TV Drama called “Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light” will soon be airing in Japan.

This new series is inspired by a popular blog, 光のお父さん (Hikari no Otousan), where an FFIX player wrote about his experience playing the MMO with his elderly father. The show will focus on the bond that forms between the father-and-son duo as they go on their adventures across Eorzea and how it affects their relationship in real life.

The son will be played by Yudai Chiba from the live action adaptations of ReLIFE (Ryō Yoake) and Ao Haru Ride (Kikuchi Toma) while the father will be played by veteran actor Ren Osugi who you might know from Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary (Mitsumasa Kido) or Kamen Rider #1 (Ambassador Hell)

Final Fantasy IX: Daddy of Light will be a mix of live action scenes and in-game footage and is set to air in Japan this coming April, two months before the new “Stormblood” expansion rolls out for the game.

Does a show like this sound interesting to you? What are your thoughts on a series like this?

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