Final Fantasy has a long and storied history. From the first game being made as the last hoorah of the struggling company Squaresoft, to today where every avid JRPG fan has played or at least heard of the franchise, its tropes, and its influences to the genre and to the entire gaming culture.

This year marks 30 years of providing fun and immersive worlds to their fans, and the Square Enix is celebrating through various events in real life and in their current lineup of active games. Which of their games have you played?

1Final Fantasy I

2Final Fantasy II

3Final Fantasy III

4Final Fantasy IV

5Final Fantasy V

6Final Fantasy VI

7Final Fantasy VII

8Final Fantasy VIII

9Final Fantasy IX

10Final Fantasy X

11Final Fantasy XI

12Final Fantasy XII

13Final Fantasy XIII

14Final Fantasy XIV

15Final Fantasy XV

Do you have a favorite Final Fantasy game? Maybe even one of the spinoff titles?

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