Fan Who Stabbed Idol Gets 14 Years for Attempted Murder

Iwazaki Tomohiro, the fan who stabbed Mayu Tomita over 34 times back in May 2016, has been sentenced to 14 years and 6 months of prison time.

Mayu Tomita

Tomita made her first public appearance in court to give a statement, saying that her dreams of being an idol were stolen due to the attack. The attack has caused vision problems and partial paralysis of Tomita’s mouth, which make eating and speaking difficult.

Tomohiro had to be removed during Tomita’s statement because he shouted, “Well, kill me then!” During the sentencing, he apologized to Tomita and her family, pledging to learn patience during his prison stay.

The judge commented that Tomohiro, “must learn to control himself and abide by society’s rules while he is in prison.”

Mayu Tomita

Prior to the attack, Tomohiro was sending Tomita messages online. Tomita reportedly contacted the police, but they did not take action because they did not deem the matter urgent. She would be stabbed over 34 times in the face and neck for “not giving a clear answer” about why a gift Tomohiro sent was returned.

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