Why hasn’t seen an episode of Dragon Ball Z and ran around pretending to be a Saiyan performing the kamehameha? Pretend no more! Because you can totally relive your childhood with the help of virtual reality.

Dragon Ball Z

BotsNew Characters is releasing a line of Capsule Corp. themed goggles, hand sensors, and floor mat that will take you into the Dragon Ball Z universe. With the help of your mobile phone, you’ll be checking your friends’ power levels, flying, doing the kamehameha, and fighting Frieza!

You can enhance your childhood memories for 12,000 yen ($110) and by donating some of your dignity, since your squad won’t know what the hell you’re doing.

I really like to look at the darker side of things, like a shadow following you at night...or maybe I'm just trying too hard? Anyways, Persona is my life!
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