Eevee Gets Evolution Makeovers From Popular Manga Artists

The Pokemon Company is celebrating Eevee with a special campaign! Anime and manga artists are being asked to draw the various Eeveelutions to promote a line of merchandise that will honor the popular Pokémon.

Here are the designs that have been revealed so far:


Vapereon by Yumenouchi

Pokemon - Vapereon/


Glaceon by Dan Ichikawa (Shoboshobo Man)

Pokemon - Glaceon


Eevee by Kuraen Mori (Kizuna Ai character designer)

Pokemon - Eevee


Sylveon by Mengo Yokoyari (Scum’s Wish)

Pokemon - Sylveon


The other Eveelutions haven’t been revealed yet and MOVIC hasn’t announced what products the designs will be associated with.

Which are your favorite designs?

I really like to look at the darker side of things, like a shadow following you at night...or maybe I'm just trying too hard? Anyways, Persona is my life!
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