Drunk Japanese Teacher Beats Student ‘Out of Concern’

Teacher of the year alert!

Assassination Classroom

A 38-year-old head teacher at an elementary school in Osaka’s Minato Ward was suspended for a certain late-night incident that happened at a student’s home last month.

Now, most people will think something sexual or drug related occurred, but the teacher actually drunkenly beat the snot out of his student. According to local news, the drunken teacher visited his student at around 10:00 pm JST on May 12 after a night out with co-workers. He promptly entered the student’s home and struck him 30 times on the back and shoulders with a drumstick used for video games like Taiko.

The assault weapon was a drumstick used for a Taiko-type game.

The student’s parents were present and were presumably frozen in shock during the events. Reportedly, the boy fled to the bathroom while being struck and locked himself in. The teacher didn’t stop there, as he continued to pummel the door with his drumstick.

The parents managed to force the drunken teacher from their home, but he continued to beat the front door and ring the doorbell for 15 minutes. Following an investigation from the board of education, it was discovered that the teacher made a house visit out of concern since the student was absent from class that day. He claims to have little memory of the event, which includes beating some old-fashioned concern into the student.

Despite the drunken assault, the parents decided not to press charges against the teacher. As of right now, the teacher is suspended for three months but will retain his job.

SOURCESankei West
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