“Death Note” Creators Share Thoughts on Netflix’s Adaptation

San Diego Comic-Con held a debut screening for Netflix’s Death Note movie last month. Early fan reaction from screening is that the movie doesn’t completely suck and seems to be on par with Ghost in the Shell. Basically, it’s going to be a divisive movie one it debuts globally on August 25.

Death Note

But some fans may be interesting in hearing the opinions of Death Note creators Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Their views were recently published in Comic Natalie.

Ohba said, “It’s more interesting than I expected. Every bit of it is high quality and very fashionable, it’s definitely Hollywood’s Death Note. I think a wide range of people can enjoy this movie, not just fans, because there are parts that follow the original work but also changes, too.”

Obata commented, “I hope that people overseas who did not know Death Note until now can enjoy watching it on Netflix. Adam Wingard’s visual beauty and thrilling directorial are splendid, and create a class A thriller. This is the kind of Death Note I’d like to draw as well.”

Death Note
Takeshi Obata drew fanart of Nat Wolff as Light Turner.

Pretty positive, but not stellar remakes from the original creators!

Netflix’s Death Note follows Light Turner, a college student living in Seattle, Washington. Ryuk drops a “Death Note,” which falls into Light’s possession. After learning that he can put people to death by writing their names in the notebook, Light goes on a crusade to bring criminals to justice. However, Light forms a cult-of-personality named “Kira” and his actions draw the attention of law enforcement. An eccentric detective called L vows to unmask Kira and to stop his bloody crusade.

Death Note

Will you give Netflix’s Death Note a chance due to Ohba and Obata’s views?

SOURCEComic Natalie
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