Btooom! Anime Will Get a 2nd Season if Mobile Game is a Hit

There is some big news for fans of the Btooom! anime. Despite selling less than 500 copies in Japan, there is legit hope that a second anime season can be produced!


Masato Hayashi, producer of the Btooom! Online mobile game told fans if the title ranks in the top 5 of Japan’s app chart, then a second anime season will be produced. Hayashi  also added that Asobimo, producer of the game, will financially back the second season if Madhouse does not want to participate.

Btooom! Online is a multiplayer mobile game that focuses on using stealth to bomb your opponents. The anime’s voice cast reprised their roles for the game.

Btooom! Online
Btooom! Online features playable characters from the series.

Btooom! centers around Sakamoto, a NEET who is addicted to a video game called Btooom! One day, he wakes up on a mysterious island with a bag of bombs that look like the ones found in the game. He soon realizes that he is participating in a real-life version of the game, and the deaths are real. Madhouse adapted Btooom! into a 12 episode series in 2012.

So, looks like Japanese fans better get to downloading the game. It’s currently available for Android and iOS devices.

SOURCEInside Games
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