‘Blame!’ and ‘Knights of Sidonia’ are Getting Anime Sequels

Hiroyuki Seshita, a director at Polygon Pictures, revealed that Knights of Sidonia and Blame! will be getting anime sequels. Both works are adaptations of Tsutomu Nihei’s manga.


Knights of Sidonia ran in Kodansha’s Afternoon between 2009 to 2015. It’s a mecha series that takes place in a seed ship called Sidonia. The Sidonia is believed to the last surviving ship containing humans, but they are embroiled in a fruitless war with the Gauna.

Knights of Sidonia follows a pilot named Nagate Tanikaze, who lived in the bowels of the Sidonia since birth. Following the death of his grandfather, Tanikaze is chosen to become a Garde pilot to help protect Sidonia.

Knights of Sidonia

Polygon Pictures adapted the manga into a two season anime and a compilation film. Knights of Sidonia will be receiving a third season.

Blame! was Tsutomu Nihei’s first manga series, and was serialized in Afternoon from 1998 to 2003. The story follows a girl named Zuru, who is on a mission to find food for her village. After accidentally triggering a Safeguard pack, she meets Killy the Wanderer. Killy is on a quest to find the Net Terminal Genes, which is the key to restoring humanity’s place in the Net-based world.

Polygon Pictures adapted portions of Blame! into a 2017 anime movie. Blame! will be receiving a second movie.


Seshita did not give a release window for the sequel projects. Polygon Pictures is currently working on a trilogy of Godzilla anime movies.

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