Attack on Titan’s Studio is Producing a Live-Action Film

'Summer Blossoms' will be screened at the 39th Moscow International Film Festival from June 22 to 29.

Wit Studio is known for producing gorgeous visuals.The Ancient Magus' Bride


Attack on TitanAttack on Titan


Seraph of the EndSeraph of the End


The Rolling GirlsThe Rolling Girls


Kabaneri of the Iron FortressKabaneri of the Iron Fortress


But Wit Studio is looking to expand its range as they have announced that they are producing Ryūtarō Nakagawa’s Summer Blossoms (Shigatsu no Nagai Yume) live-action movie! The movie will be shown at the 39th Moscow International Film Festival.

Summer Blossoms looks to be a somber movie that follows a teacher named Hatsumi and her past. The movie will deal with Hatsumi confronting her past three years after her boyfriend’s death.

Summer Blossoms

Nakagawa is a young filmmaker and is known for directing dramas, with Summer Blossoms looking to be his saddest work. He is also only 27 years old, which makes him teaming up with Wit Studio as part of a youth movement within the Japanese movie industry.

Do you think Wit Studio will find success producing live-action movies?

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