Aniplex Reveals New Fate/Grand Order English Release Details

Aniplex revealed more details about their planned release of Fate/Grand Order, which is coming to the United States and Canada this summer.


You Will Not Be Able to Transfer Japanese Data to the U.S. App

Fate/Grand Order

Yosuke Shiokawa, creative director of Fate/Grand Order, acknowledged that they understand that there are North Americans playing the Japanese version, they will not be able to transfer data. Shiokawa said, “We understand that many people are already playing the Japanese version, however, one part of the idea when we do localization of this game is to give the overseas fanbase the exact same experience as when this game was first launched in Japan.”

However, Shiokawa assured fans that there will be no issues while playing both versions at the same time.


Content Through Chapter 2 Will Be Released at Launch

Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is going to launch with game content up through chapter 2 of the Japanese release. But, Shiokawa said the app itself will be the latest version, so previews bugs will not be ported over. New chapters will be released at a later date.

In Japan, Fate/Grand Order‘s story has been split into different parts. Part 1 has 7 chapters and part 1.5 has 1 chapter. They are currently working on part 2 of the story. Every chapter and part are released for free as part of an update.


Differences Between Japanese and North American Content

Fate/Grand Order

The core Fate/Grand Order content will be the same across the Japanese and North American versions. This means there will be no exclusive Servants or exclusive story chapters. The North American app will have the gacha system, but pricing is being discussed.

Shiokawa did mention that unique events and campaigns may differ, since they usually revolve around holidays. For example, a North American campaign might be running on July 4 while not running in Japan.

Collaborative events may also differ between the apps. For example, a Fate/kalied liner Prisma Illya might only happen in Japan or might feature different promotions. However, the collaborative event will always include the same unique Servents.

Shiokawa also touched on art censorship. Delightworks is handling the development of the North American app and there are no plans changing any of the content. He did comment, “However, when it comes to game ratings, the U.S. has a different game rating style and rules that we have to follow compared to Japan. If anything comes up that we have to change based on that rating…that’s possible, but we don’t want to change anything.”


No European Release

Fate/Grand Order

Sorry Euro fans, but Aniplex has no current plans to bring Fate/Grand Order to Europe. That may change in the future.


Did Aniplex’s new information increase your hype levels for Fate/Grand Order?

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