Netflix released an extended trailer for the live-action adaptation of Death Note. The trailer gives an extended look at Light Turner’s motivation while giving a glimpse at Ryuk.

Death Note

Director Adam Wingard (You’re Next) also shared a poster showing off Ryuk’s full-body design. Popular actor Willem Dafoe will be voicing the shinigami.

Wingard’s Death Note is adapting the popular manga series for American audiences. Light Turner is a college student living in Seattle, Washington. Ryuk drops a “Death Note,” which falls into Light’s possession. After learning that he can put people to death by writing their names in the notebook, Light goes on a crusade to bring criminals to justice. However, Light forms a cult-of-personality named “Kira” and his actions draw the attention of law enforcement. An eccentric detective called L vows to unmask Kira and to stop his bloody crusade.

Death Note

Netflix is planning on releasing Wingard’s Death Note on August 25, 2017.

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