A New Spice and Wolf Novel is Coming Out on May 10

Dengeki Bunko announced that a new Spice and Wolf volume is being published on May 10, 2017!

Spice and Wolf XIX: Spring Log II is a collection of epilogue stories that can be found in Dengeki Magazine plus all-new material. The story takes place at a hot spring inn that Lawrence and Holo run, but they are facing a labor shortage during a busy a season. Lawrence hires some help, who turns out to be another wolf-god incarnated as a woman. Her presence brings out Holo’s insecurity and jealousy.

Just last month, Dengeki Bunko celebrated the second volume of Spice and Wolf New Theory: Wolf and Parchment which is a series that covers [highlight for spoilers: the adventures of Miyu, the daughter of Lawerence and Holo].

Wolf and Parchment
Covers for the 1st two volumes of the Wolf and Parchment sequel series.

The sequel series is being written by Isuna Hasekuran and illustrated by Jū Ayakura, the same duo behind the first series.

Maybe both works will lead to a new anime some day!

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