8 Webtoons That Really Need to be Adapted Into Anime

I’m surprised that the anime industry hasn’t jumped on the growing popularity of webtoons. Granted, Noblesse was a dud since it only got 2 OVAs, but there are a wealth of stories to choose from!


1Tower of God

Tower of God is filled with some many twists and turns. You never know if a character is truly good or bad, nor will you be prepared for the feels.


2The Gamer

The Gamer takes your video game fantasies and brings them to the real world. It follows a high school student that sees the world as if it was an RPG, with every task leveling up a certain skill. Just when he gets comfortable, wild things (like zombies) begin to infiltrate his world when he crosses into “combat zones.”


3Girls of the Wild’s

Take your favorite battle harem, but make it even better. Jaegu enrolls in a former all-girls school and becomes the sole male student. While his classmates act like maidens in society, they are all renowned martial arts champions. Jaegu tries to overcome his fear of girls all the while his classmates kick each other’s asses in tournaments.


4Killing Stalking

Killing Stalking is one of the craziest rides you’ll get on, regardless if you are a yaoi fan or not. It follows Yoonbum, who is a totally obsessed with Sangwoo. Just when Yoonbum is about to get all yandere, he discovers something terrible about Sangwoo.


5Distant Sky

Distant Sky would make for a fun, dreadful descent into the pits of despair. It begins with a boy finding himself in a building filled with dead people, and it escalates to terrifying heights.


6Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade is a hi-drama romance about a vampire girl and a human boy. It may sound like a reverse Twilight, but it deals heavily with social discrimination and the bitter-sweetness of young love.


7Skill of Lure

Skill of Lure is a full-on rom-com about a socially awkward teen named Sung-Gi and his gigolo friend Jang. With Jang’s help, Sung-Gi hopes to learn how to read social situations so he can win the heart of his crush.



Bastard is a psychological thriller about a charismatic CEO and his bland son. Oh, but let’s make the dad a Dexter-like serial killer and his son an unwilling accomplice.


What Webtoons do you think would be great as an anime?

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