7 Underrated Spring 2017 Anime You Shouldn’t Forget About

It’s that time of season again! As Spring 2017 comes to a close, we’ll be looking at some of the more underrated and under-watched anime.

Being under-watched doesn’t mean they are bad nor does it mean they are better than the mainstream anime, but they are worth watching. Here are some of the anime that were forgotten about this past spring.


1The Eccentric Family 2 (Uchouten Kazoku 2)

Sequels usually get a lot of hype, but The Eccentric Family 2 has flown under the radar. Maybe it’s because the first season came out four years ago (which is a while for most anime fans), but you’d think the comedy-drama would get more love due to the fantastic characters and amazing art direction.


2Atom: The Beginning

Atom: The Beginning is a prequel to Astro Boy. It chronicles Tenma and Ochanomizu’s journey towards creating a robot, which would eventually become Astro Boy. You don’t have to be familiar with the original series either since Atom is an origin story.


3The Royal Tutor

The Royal Tutor received some unjust hate early on as fans accused it of being a fujoshi-bait series. However, the charming small tutor and the four princes deliver some of the best comedy this season while taking the time to build on their characters.


4KADO: The Right Answer (Seikaisuru Kado)

Kado really had a tough time building an audience outside of Japan. It pairs a cel-shaded CGI style with loads of dialogue, which is a turn off for more traditional, action-oriented fans. However, Kado poses some series questions about humanity without being too edgy.


5Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest is part of P.A. Works’ “working ladies” trilogy, which has never done well with international audiences. Which is a shame, because Sakura Quest is a super relatable series for any recent college grad. Questions about job security, self-fulfillment, and other daily struggles are covered with some low-key moe moments.


6Alice to Zouroku

Alice to Zouroku is a very interesting “family drama” anime. Sana is an orphan with teleportation powers while Zouroku is a grumpy old man. It’s a slow moving series that eschews action in favor of strong character development as Sana learns to adapt to human society.

It’s basically Elfen Lied without the gore, incest, and fanservice.


7Granblue Fantasy The Animation

Granblue Fantasy the Animation is a throwback to when fantasy stories did not have to be isekai. Based on a mobile game of the same name, it features a rich world with loads of characters (similar to Rage of Bahamut).

The overall story follows Gran and Lyria as they try to hide from the Empire. Its story is a bit cliche, but the animation is absolutely gorgeous.


What Spring 2017 anime do you think are underrated?

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