7 Times Fans Brought Their Favorite Series Back from the Dead

Never give up hope if your favorite series has been canceled!

Not all heroes wear capes, especially if you are an anime fan. Despite what some people may believe, an anime or manga being canceled is not the end of the road. Sometimes, with enough fanfare, a series can come back from the dead!

Here are some series that fans were able to revive through interest and support.



InuYasha originally ended in 2004 after the anime overtook the manga, which resulted in complaints of filler arc. When Rumiko Takahashi finished the manga in 2008,  fans began asking Sunrise to finish the anime’s adaptation by covering the last arcs.

In 2009, InuYasha: The Final Act debuted. It picked up where the first anime left off and adapted the final chapters of the manga.


2Ranma ½

Ranma ½ ran for 18 episodes between April 15 to September 16, 1989 before being cancelled due to low ratings. However, due to a few dedicated fans, the anime relaunched as Ranma ½ Nettōhen and enjoyed a 143 episode run.  


3Full Metal Panic!

For nine years anime fans begged Fujimi Shobo to commission a fourth season for Full Metal Panic! The anime never set charts on fire, but it had a dedicated group of fans and the light novel still enjoys popularity. Finally, after all those years, a fourth season is happening!


4Me and the Devil Blues

You have to love Prison School fans. The manga was popular from day one, which led fans to explore other works by Hiramoto Akira. One series that fans fell in love with was Me and the Devil Blues, which is a horror manga based on the life of American blues legend Robert Johnson.

Me and the Devil Blues was canceled in 2008, but Akira was allowed to resume the series in 2014 due to immense fan demand.



Durarara!! was a stylish and popular series from 2010 that was adapted by Brain’s Base. Due to other priorities, Brain’s Base decided to pass on a second season to work on other series.

Takahiro Omori left Brain’s Base in 2013 to form Shuka, and their first project was a three part second season for Durarara!!, which was a love letter to series fans.


6Lupin III

The first Lupin III was canceled after a 23 episode run that aired between October 24, 1971 to March 26, 1972. Poor ratings and a refusal of director Masaaki Ōsumi to make changes to the anime.

Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata were chosen to work on the series after Ōsumi was fired, but their work went ignored until the series was re-ran to fill in time slots. These episodes were popular enough to lead to a second series airing in 1977. Lupin III has remained one of anime’s biggest franchise ever since!


7Dragon Ball Z Kai

Despite good TV ratings, Toei Animation decided to cancel in 2011 Dragon Ball Z Kai after the Cell Saga due to a lack of merchandise sales and a legal lawsuit for music copyright infringement.

However, Kai was really popular with international fans, which led to Toei Animation to agree to international licencors to commission the Kai version of the Buu Saga in 2014.


See, anime and manga fans can help their favorite series out during desperate times!

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