Viewster is a new anime company that has jumped on the scene recently and is shaking things up with a blend of streaming, merchandise, and passionate employees who are constantly giving away goods from their adventures in Japan or upcoming merchandise boxes.


They are also helping international fans save anime.

Kill la Kill saves anime

Kill la Kill © Trigger

The anime industry is going through some major changes right now. Japan’s birthrate has declined meaning there are less people consuming anime. Studios are looking for a new audience so they can survive. If there ever was a time when international fans could easily get all the anime goodness they’ve been longing for while simultaneously supporting the anime industry, it’s now.

For Japanese studios to reach international fans, they need to have global partners. Viewster and their OMAKASE service is one of the newer partners that are helping aid this change in the anime landscape.

11. OMAKASE puts money back in the anime industry

Omakase anime - Bakemonogatari

Bakemonogatari © Shaft

All the money OMAKASE makes helps support the anime creators. You would think it’s easy nowadays to know which websites actually help the anime industry, but there are many posts online of fans mixing up illegal and legal sites.

The Japanese government group Manga-Anime Guardians estimates the anime industry loses $20 billion to piracy. Think of how many second seasons could be made with just $1 billion! Affordable streaming that supports anime internationally helps us get closer to a future where there’s more anime with higher quality.

22. OMAKASE offers legal anime streaming to 120 countries worldwide

Omakase - Anime No Game No Life

No Game No Life © Madhouse

It’s almost impossible for fans to support the anime industry if there aren’t streaming options or good DVD shipping alternatives. OMAKASE, via its parent company Viewster, helps fans worldwide support the industry they love so more anime can be made.

33. OMAKASE brings official Japanese merch to international fan’s doorsteps

Finding merchandise online that aren’t knockoffs is a challenge, especially if you can’t read Japanese. Even some anime shops have sneaky sellers who set up fake Japanese websites but never pay a cent to the studios. OMAKASE works with anime studios and does specific boxes like their last Kill la Kill box that had a senketsu scarf, a gold plated first volume manga, and more.

44. They hire people in the community

Miku Artist - Omakase

heejindraws /

From their designer, the box curator, the artists they work with, and even the CEO, OMAKASE is made up of anime fans. More companies made by real anime fans and members of the community means more jobs and more ways fans can grow up to work in the industry they love. Now when your parents ask why you watch so much anime, you can tell them it’s research for a job.

55. They’re giving FREE access to anime conventions

Conventions are the creative mecca for anime fans everywhere but not everyone gets to experience them. Going to an anime convention is a rite of passage for all fans and going to new ones is always an adventure. OMAKASE has teamed up with Otakon to give subscribers who sign up between Jan 11 – 23rd free badges to the convention, helping fans meet other fans while supporting anime conventions at the same time. You can check out the details on this 2-in-1 deal here!

Omakase Naruto BoxOmakase team

OMAKASE is working on gaining subscribers so they can invest in bringing new shows to the entire international community. GoBoiano is partnering with them to offer a 30% off OMAKASE box for U.S. viewers from now until 11:59 PST January 19th with the coupon code GBNA30. Their latest box has a golden Naruto figure, poseable Sasuke, and more fun stuff you can check out here.

Omakase Viewster Naturo

Naruto Anime Head Life

Naruto © Studio Pierrot

OMAKASE gives fans merchandise but also ad free, HD streaming of their entire anime catalog plus tons of extra digital downloads like the Slime Girls EP, “King Death” comic from Buttersafe, and much more. We’re pretty excited for a future where anime companies support conventions, independent comic or music artists, and the anime community itself.

Slime Girls Omakase Bonus

© Slime Girls

If you’re not in the US and love deals, you can follow OMAKASE on twitter to get coupons, giveaways and updates on more promotions!

The industry can’t survive without its fans showing support so next time you watch anime, consider streaming a show or two from any official source and give back to the creators of the shows you love.

Lana Kim
I fell in love with anime when I first watched Mobile Suit Gundam then I discovered the world asian animation which has consumed all my free time since. I’m a liberal arts major that somehow got sucked into the publishing world and am happy to moonlight at GoBoiano where I can talk about people, shows, and projects I like.
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