5 Popular Anime Insults (That Are Actually Pretty Lame)

The internet is a beautiful place. It’s filled with memes, recipes, and legal anime.

But it’s also filled with humanity’s worse. Of course, we are talking about haters. These people run on salt and the disdain of people liking the thing that they don’t like. The internet is basically this Extra Fabulous web comic.Extra Fabulous

Of course, this leads to people trying to be “clever” and throw insults from the safety of their computer. Here are some of the more, uhm, “savage” insults the anime community uses.

1Casual / Pleb / Normie

What I’m trying to say:

A bold and “clever” way of pointing out your inexperience of watching anime, because there is totally a hierarchy. You are like Donny from the Big Lebowski. You have no frame of reference, like a child. And me, like Walter, am sworn by a God-given duty to tell you to shut the fuck the up, because why would anyone want to listen to an experienced pup?

Yes, the idea is that you’ve only watched a handful of anime, so “you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

As a casual, you probably only watch about 5 anime a year tops, and it’s most likely Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach, and whatever long-runner is going on.

As a pleb, you just trash. I don’t care what you watch, bro, I’ve already decided that it’s trash and beyond redemption. I know what’s good for you.

And as a normie? You probably watch something like Sword Art Online. Basically, I’m sorry for your lose due to your stupidity.


What I really mean:

I really need an excuse to justify all of the hours I spent watching the 200+ anime series I have under my belt. Like, it’s my hobby and all, but I need to justify this to myself, you know?

It’s lazy, since I’m mocking you for not sitting in front of a screen all day, but I know more than you. Just roll with it man, I’ve watched like 200 anime and that has to give some kind of points.



What I’m trying to say:

This is the opposite of the casual insult.

How dare you hold your 200 watched anime over my head! You are a total elitist who over analyzes these Japanese cartoons and look for meaning in stuff that doesn’t matter. You probably watch shitty shows that involve talking and standing around.


What I really mean:

How dare you watch slow shows that I don’t have any interest in! I can’t follow all that dialogue because it puts me to sleep, I only watch the animes for violence and boobs.

All of that talking, symbolism, and philosophicationizing is totaling boring to me. Anyone who likes that shit is a liar and trying to act all important.


3Naru-tard / DBZ-tard / SAO-tard

What I’m trying to say:

I’m just not PC bro, but I’m not enough of an asshole to call you a retard. But, you are a retard for liking NarutoSword Art Online, or whatever is hip these days. NO, don’t talk. I already decided that you are not smart enough to talk to me.


What I really mean:

You like the Nickleback of anime. Oh sure, everyone can sing along to “How You Remind Me,” but I sure as hell won’t be caught dead doing it in public.

Look, I watched it too, but that’s a secret. I might like it, but you won’t know. Either way, for some reason, I’m embarrassed that you like this “tarded” show, so stop violating my safe space and don’t talk about it.


4Moeshit / Fujishit / Shounenshit

What I’m trying to say:

You like cute girls doing cute things? You like gay dudes doing gay things? You like teen heroes doing teen hero things? You, and your show of choice, are no better than my bowl excrement. No, just watch some real anime. Like the stuff I pira…I mean, “support.”


What I’m really saying:

How dare you like stuff I don’t like and am not part of the target audience of. I unironically call JoJo’s and Berserk “manime” because they are about men. And nothing is more alpha than reinforcing my masculinity based on the anime that I watch. YA BETA CUCK!!


What I’m trying to say:

The oldest insult in the book. You are some faux-Japanese individual trying to be accepted by a culture that doesn’t want you. Help, you might even be Japanese, but I don’t give a shit. YOU are an embarrassment to me with you “desu” and “baka” and sushi. Just stop, check into therapy and let me watch watch some “non-weeb” anime in peace.


What I’m really saying:

Hey, you. Fuck you for liking the thing I don’t like. You only like it because you are a doo-doo head who doesn’t like what I like. In fact, I don’t even know what a “weeaboo” is. I say people saying it on 4chan, so it must mean something. I hate you.


And fyi, the insult is “otaku.” Do it right.

Pirate Sai studies Marine Science and looks at fish all day. He eats a lot of barbeque and spends his time watching anime or yelling at people who throw trash on the beach in California. He was a competitive swimmer but gave it up so he could have free time.
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