15 Boku No Hero Academia Fanart To Get You Hyped For Season 2

Oh, sorry! Did I say Boku no Hero Academia Fanart? I meant Froppy. Froppy fanart. All 100% Tsuyu Asui.

She’s best girl. Fight me.

15Let’s start off easy and have some of the other girls (and some Pokemon)

Artist: @enecoobot

14Here’s a cute Tsuyu in casual clothes

Artist: @graskip

13Look at her and her cute little frog purse

Artist: Hanromi

12Some adult Froppy because we don’t like prison

Artist: Hayashi Kana

11You should really appreciate the work that goes into her hair

Source: Pinterest

10Tsuyu is unstoppable in her element

Artist: @pooplorf

9She’s so cute hanging out with her froggy friends

Artist: Risotoma

8I see you there, Kermit. This is none of your business.

Artist: guirgaleo

7Here she is casually being best girl in the rain

6A closeup Tsuyu so you can finally see the light

Artist: asdfLoser

5She’s listening to the cries of all the low-tier waifu

Artist: deyferrer

4She’s silently judging you for picking someone else

Artist: gentoukikai

3She looks cute innocent but can also pull off a tough-girl look

Artist: @_Tyto_Alba

2Oh shit waddup

Source: Pinterest

1Hop on to the Froppy fandom, it’s not too late!

Artist: @hisogons
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